Judy Pate Abbotts Pictures

Here are the first few of the pictures from Judy Pate Abbott.
Thank you Judy



Rick Dulaney, John Moore, Tony Drakos, Dewey Ewing





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Thank You Thank You Dewey Ewing

Back on February 25th Dewey contacted me about his dream to hold a reunion for Phi Sigs of the late 60's and early 70's. By the weekend of November 12th that dream became a wonderful reality.

Dewey arrived with his professional DJ system and all of the music we sang and danced to at Xi Deuteron parties.
DEWEY with MIKE CLIFT discussing the play list.

Dewey and his far better half Candy kicked off the dancing with a turn at the TENNESSEE WALTZ

Some of the participants were ready to Gator
Mike, Jamille, and Dewey going down to Gator

Dewey and Jamile show they haven't lost the touch.

And Thank You Candy for getting Dewey to Knoxville.
He is indeed a very lucky man. It was a great pleasure meeting you.
Jamille Shibley with his date and Dewey and Candy Ewing on the back balcony at the new Phi Sig House.

These are only the few first of many pictures of the Reunion Weekend that will be posted here over the next few weeks. Check back often to view the new additions.
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Pictures from the BarBQ

Dick and Charlie Morgan and crew provided a kick ass BarBQ set up and award winning pulled pork and chicken.

Dru, Robert and Mike
Johnny Johnson
John McClellan and son Jason
The BBQ line
Doctors Doug Seaton and Charlie Bozeman with Ken Scarbrough
Robert, Donny, Robert, Kelly and Timbs
Mike Clift and Tony Drakos


New Pictures

Great Homecoming Display Pictures with a good view of the old PSK house on Laurel

David Duffy visited Dewey Ewing - Here's a picture

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MAYOR WEST sends party pics

Are there skeleton's in Mayor West's closet?
You be the judge.
These great pictures are from the West Private Collection:

Please use the PHI SIGMA KAPPA COMMUNICATION FORUM for identification of the suspects and any comments.
Brother Drury "Bucky" Bagwell has started a thread on personal histories.
Be sure to add yours or plead the fifth.

Here's a Black and White Carnicus rehersal shot from 1968


Brother Moore sends Carnicus Pictures

If anyone has the identities of these "actors" please let me know so I can reveal the names.

There have been some pictures added for Jim Turner and JD Dodd and some information about their careers on the Phi Sig Communications Forum CLICK HERE to visit and add your own comments or topics for discussion.

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Party Pictures from the Mike Clift Collection!!!

These are great to have Mike
Does anyone remember where these parties were?
Or were we all too toasted to remember?

Phi Sig Formal in Gatlinburg?

Big Don's Costume Party but where was it?

Dewey thinks this was at Tuckaleechee but I don't think so

This one is the KD Formal at Deane Hill Country Club
Deane Hill is no longer there but I remember it well (since it's written on the Pic)

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Brother David Stump sends pictures

Brother Dave Stump & Family at their favorite place at Ocean Isle Beach in NC
Thats Dave on the left with son TD - Matt - and wife Nedine (also UT grad who's dad once ran Student Center and related to Gordan Sams one of our old brothers - who owned the famous Pump Room back in 65)

Dave & Nedine at another favorite place Las Monunitas in Cuernavaca

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Damn Glad to be a Phi Sig

At least we used to be.

2005 marks nearly fourty years since most of us said that phrase on a regular basis. Inspired by Dewey Ewing this weblog is a place where Phi Sigs of the 60's and 70's can visit to share pictures, share stories, and find old friends. E-mail Dewey Ewing CEwing2761@aol.com for a list of e-mail addresses.

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These pictures were taken a few days ago

The Front was designed to resemble the old Laurel Ave. House

The back terrace was lowered

For those of you who remember the old baseball field but have not been back to the campus - this is how the new Lindsay Nelson baseball and softball stadium looks